Talking to an OAB-NC Specialist

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Although many doctors can diagnose overactive bladder caused by a neurologic condition (OAB-NC), not every doctor has the
expertise or training to treat OAB-NC. It’s important to find a urologist or urogynecologist who specializes in OAB-NC to help you find a
treatment plan that’s right for you.


An OAB-NC Specialist can offer you:

  • Expertise based on their extensive training
  • Experience from treating OAB-NC on a regular basis
  • Treatment options that may not be available through your primary healthcare provider
  • Supportive services from a team that can help build an individualized treatment plan for you

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Talking With Your Doctor

How can I find out if
BOTOX® is right for me?


Talk to your doctor.

It's important that you explain to your doctor what you are experiencing. Be confident and direct; this is your time to get the answers you're looking for.



Topics about BOTOX® and questions to ask your doctor
to get the answers you need

How well BOTOX® may work for your OAB symptoms


“How quickly does BOTOX® work, and what results should I expect?”

Your doctor’s firsthand experience


“What has it been like for your other patients who’ve tried BOTOX®?”

A clear recommendation for BOTOX®


“Is BOTOX® a good option for me?”

Knowing if BOTOX® will be effective for you


“Can I start with a full sample treatment of BOTOX® to see how it works for me?”

The treatment procedure


“What happens during the procedure?”

Possible side effects


“What kind of side effects can occur after receiving BOTOX®?”

Retreatment evaluation schedule


“How often do I need to get BOTOX®?”



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