Talking With Your Child’s Doctor

How Do I Know if BOTOX® Is Right for My Child?

Talk to your doctor to know if
BOTOX® is right for your child


It's important that you explain to your doctor what your child is experiencing. Be confident and direct; this is your time to get the answers you're looking for.


Topics about BOTOX® and questions to ask your child’s
doctor to get the answers you need

How well BOTOX® may work for your child’s OAB symptoms


“How quickly does BOTOX® work, and what results should we expect?"

Your doctor’s firsthand experience


“What has it been like for your other patients who’ve tried BOTOX®?”

A clear recommendation for BOTOX®


“Is BOTOX® a good option for my child?”

The treatment procedure


“What happens during the procedure?”

Possible side effects


“What kind of side effects can occur after receiving BOTOX®?”

Retreatment evaluation schedule


“How often will my child need to get BOTOX®?”



Print out this list of questions to ask your child's doctor.